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With more than 40 years of experience, Tri-City Music's owners, Bobbi and David Dickerson, are local piano experts ready to help you find the perfect instrument for you.

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David and Bobbie owners of Tri-Cities Music

Bobbi and David Dickerson


It's his skill and expertise in tuning pianos that has made David Dickerson the most trusted tuner/technician in Eastern Washington over the last 40 years. He tunes to the A-440 tuning standard and adjusts the mechanical aspects of the piano and the density of the felts covering the hammers that strike the key. He also repairs pianos and offers Artisan refinishing and rebuilding to make your piano a family heirloom.

Dave apprenticed under his grandfather and uncle in 1980 to carry on the family tradition that traces back to 1875. In addition, he has taken continuing education classes with the Piano Technicians Guild, the world's premier source of expertise in piano service and technology.

Besides serving our community through his business, Dave is a musician in his own right. He majored in voice in college and has been a director for the Tri-Cities Men’s Chorus, Rejoice, Impact Gospel Singing Group, and many other groups. 

Dave’s experience and level of expertise is unique and hard to find elsewhere. Call and make an appointment for your piano today, and you, too, will be singing his praises. 


Bobbi is a highly respected and very enjoyable music instructor.

One of her favorite things is seeing the joy in her students eyes as the love of music comes alive in their minds. Her journey to that love began when she started taking piano lessons at age 7, which she continued through her college years.

Bobbi has had her own private studio for over 40 years and has worked with a countless number of youths and adults as a private instructor, classroom music teacher, music director, and accompanist in Washington, Oregon, and New Mexico.

With a masters degree in education, Bobbi is passionate about enhancing students’ musical experience through well-rounded lessons that include an introduction to music for preschoolers and for older students, musical history, technique, growing repertoire, and performance opportunities.

Her specialized training in education enables her to easily identify the individual learning style of each student and create a learning path that works best for them.

When she graduated from Richland High School in 1975, Bobbi was the first woman to lead the drum corps. Now she is returning to her roots here in the Tri-Cities, and has opened a piano studio in at Tri-City Music. She'd love to consult with you about pianos and music—give her a call!

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Visit Tri-City Music today in the Uptown Shopping Center in Richland to speak with Bobbi or her husband, David -  they're the Tri-Cities piano experts! 

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