Piano Tuning

The industry standard for piano tuning is every six months and at minimum, once per year.

Benefits of Regular Piano Tuning

Pianos are complicated instruments that involve many moving and sometimes delicate parts. When one part is performing less than optimally, the other parts are affected. This can lead to short-term loss in sound quality and long-term damage to the internal components of the piano.

It is especially important to have your piano tuned regularly, at a minimum of once per year. When you purchase a piano from Tri-City Music, we provide free local delivery as well as one free piano tuning after delivery.

Piano Tuning

Recommended Piano Technicians

At Tri-City Music, we are committed to your complete satisfaction with our instruments and the service you receive. Through our sister company, Dickerson Piano Services, we offer piano tuning and repair. Dickerson's reputation for quality work and exceptional service has made them the piano service company of choice for over 30 years. 

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Dickerson Piano Services
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