Get Back Behind the Keys

Schedule your piano tuning service in Richland, WA or the Tri-Cities area

Your piano is made up of a lot of moving parts and pieces, and when just one of those parts is out of whack, it can ruin the sound of your entire instrument. Let Tri-City Music keep your piano in check with professional piano tuning services.

For over 40 years, we've been tuning and repairing pianos. Call to schedule our professional piano repair services in the Richland, WA & Tri-Cities area today, and you'll be tapping those keys again in no time.

Fine-tune your tune

Does your piano sound just a little out of pitch? Rely on Tri-City Music for quality piano repair services and we will:

Retune your piano to A-440 tuning standards.
Adjust the hammers and pedals that tap the keys.
Repair broken piano keys or restring hammers.
Rebuild and refinish your piano so you can keep it forever.

Speak with our experts today and we'll happily provide piano tuning services you can rely on.