Yamaha U1 AW

$14,299.00 Available for Pre-order

A perennial favorite among discerning pianists, the Yamaha U1 offers outstanding musical performance, setting the standards by which many other upright pianos are measured.

Key Features:

  • Made specifically for use in the United States, thus eliminating the problems found in pianos not seasoned for this climate.
  • The V-Pro Plate ensures that the iron frame is stronger and will, as a result, further improve tuning stability.
  • Extruded Aluminum Alloy Action Rails are impervious to weather changes and solve the problems caused by wood rails.
  • Fall board Lock provides peace of mind by protecting the piano.
  • Comes in Polished Ebony, Polished Mahogany, Satin Ebony, Satin American Walnut & Polished White.
  • Free first tuning & free delivery in the Tri-Cities!