Start professional piano lessons in Richland, WA & the Tri-Cities area today

Has your child been begging you to learn an instrument? Do you want to refine your piano skills from your childhood? Tri-City Pianos in Richland, WA offers professional piano lessons to adults and children at any level. We’ll meet you at your skillset and help move you forward in your playing level.

Start playing piano today with help from a local piano teacher at Tri-City Pianos.

Private Lessons

Bobbi Dickerson

Beginners through Advanced
All ages
(509) 547-6982

Group Lessons

Class Piano with Ben Fowler

Beginner Students
Ages 14+ and 8 students per class
Classes taught at the store

Skills learned: Note reading, Technique, Chords, Ensemble work and more!

(509) 440-1711